Wyvern Pools Trout Fishery

In March 2020 the Fishery was sold to a new owner who was keen to own a Fishery.
Unfortunately it would seem he is not that keen as it is now up for sale again at 115,000.
See listing here: Wyvern Pools Fishery For Sale

BTW - This domain name and website for Wyvern Pools (stored off line at the moment) which cost 650 to build
are FOR SALE - along with the Facebook page (with all the customers to Fishery on it), Twitter, Instagram, etc.
PLUS credit card machine for handling payments in field. Contact me to buy:


Crazy place this. I tried for 4 years to run it as a trout farm and then Fishery.
Had planning permission for this, but then Ceredigion Council changed their mind!
Funny that! - bad people in Brongest
So many problems from neighbours, council, Natural resources Wales and even the local farmer
dumping "Welsh slate" on the land.

Good luck to next owner - you will need it!
Oh and DONT SPEED DOWN THE LANE!! - lol. (Shout out to the fat idiot at end of lane)!

This place must be the "lemon" of fisheries - not worth the money

The local farmer offered to buy it one day and said it is only worth 45K as graxing land

The problems I had running this place: 1) The neighbours - they do not want a business run from this location.
2) Ceredigion Council. Due to the influence of certain person in Brongest
they want this land returned to farming land. It is worth 45K as farming land
3) NRW - they will constantly be on your back and will not give you permission to do anything
4) Local MP - total time waster who will not help
5) Local farmer - dumps stuff on your land when you are not there.
Now if asbestos gets dumped on your land that's expenesive.

Land for sale in Brongest
Wyvern Pools Fishery
For Sale
Morgan & Davies

WARNING: Buying this land is dangerous for your health and well being!